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Friday, October 31, 2008

Training with Scott Jarvie (Thanks!!!!)





Suzanne and I were lucky enough to have Scott Jarvie offer up his time
to help us with our photography skills.  We went downtown with my sister
and Suzanne's boy to do a shoot.  For having never met each other
they did great and made for the BEST models!  What a nubie little couple they
are.  Thanks again Scott, we had a fabulous time!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Seriously! Don't you want to kiss those cheeks?

I had so much fun with my sister last night.  I got so many cute pictures of 
her little M.  Maybe cause I wish she were mine, I just kept going and going.
I have a million nubie pictures of her that turned out this cute!  

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cutest cowgirl I've ever seen!

Oh my goodness!  CUTEST, SQUISHIEST, little nubie in the whole world.  
I'm a little biased being her Aunt and all.  I seriously would steal her if 
I thought I could get away with it.
I keep going through the pictures and finding more and more that I LOVE!
I have to add this image.  It started out great with smiles, but then we 
pulled off her sweater and shoved her back down inside the barrel and
TOTAL SADNESS!  So cute though!
Okay, last one... okay two... for now anyway! :)

She's adorable!

So I went with my sister to the pumpkin patch and 
my kids were EXHAUSTED and at their WITS END.  I got nothing 
but complaints, whiney, sad faces.  It being Friday and late in the day it was
to be expected.  So rather than bug my kids even more by trying to take
pictures of them, I shot pictures of my ADORABLE niece.  
My sister seems to think (should I even say this) she's not 
photogenic and even said, "If you can get a cute picture of her, you're a great
photographer," (I'll delete this post before she learns to read).  WELL, 
I don't think I have to be a great photographer to capture this nubiness!  
She screams, "squish me and kiss my cheeks!" don't you think?  Every 
picture I took of her turned out ADORABLE!

I was just having fun with textures again.  Trying to find ones I like.

Old oak tree...

So Suzanne, here is the tree we found yesterday. The light and shadows are harsh
but, this is what my image looks like.  I know we wondered how blue the sky would look so 
here it is.  Is this how you remembered it?    

Friday, October 24, 2008

Hillarious hat!

A friend of mine borrowed a tu-tu to put with this hat she had.
When she brought the tu-tu back she brought the hat to let me borrow.
Sky tried it on today.  She didn't want to do anything but hide under it, 
so that's what I took.  

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My baby sister!

I love this kid!  She is my little sister, but is more of a sibling to 
my own kids.  I am 22 years older than her.  There are less years
between me and my mom than me and my sister.  She's so sweet to my kids
and always comes up with the cutest, most clever little games to play
with them.  I'm so lucky to have her and I'm always happy when there 
is a school holiday, cause it usually means she gets to come hang out with us.
Love you Megs!

Funny, but I think the first picture makes her look older than she is 
and the second reflects the young, adorable 10 year old that she really is.

Monday, October 20, 2008

My blue eyed boy!

This is THE ONLY PHOTO I got of him HOLDING STILL!  
The others are of his behind (seriously) cause he just wanted to crawl, 
climb, jump, throw rocks... anything but look at me!  I love this one though 
and I'll treasure the one moment he looked at me!  

Okay here's one more where he's looking, but I wasn't ready for it
and so his hands are chopped off and I don't like where he's at in the photo, 
but I did like the bright colors... so there you go. 
Okay one other.  When I went through the images the first time, I thought 
the focus was a bit off on his eyes, but I like it enough to post.  Not sure how 
I got this "model pose" out of him.  :)
Better with texture?  Just playing and practicing the new challenge given this month.
There was already good background texture, like I said... just playing.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

She's FIVE!!!

So after going Photowalking to Gardner Village 
with my friend Suzanne she found this amazing new location!  
She insisted we go take pictures there on Sunday. How could I resist 
(even though when she called we were still in our PJ's).  I threw 
some clothes on Sky, fluffed her hair and ran out the door... 
camera in hand!  I LOVE this photo of her and
 think she is just the sweetest little girl!  I wish she'd stay little forever.  
(She's little in size, but she's growing up in spirit and I hate it). 

This location was amazing with the awesome red train in the background.  
TOO BAD IT"S GONE!!!  UTA is using this track and turning it 
into a TRAX line so the train is gone!  I'm so sad!  I really wanted to use this 
location again.  Oh well, I'll keep looking...
This pose was unprovoked.  Not sure where it came from! :)
She and brother love to play super heroes and so this might
be a bit of the SUPER coming out of her!  I think it's SUPER anyway!

And one of the two girls (mine and Suzanne's).  

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Photowalking Utah, Gardner Village

I joined up with a group called Photowalking Utah through Flickr.
They have an event each month and this month happened to be 
at Gardner Village.  I decided to go since it's only around the corner
from my house.  I met up with a few "groupies" and they helped me
with a couple things.  Things I hope to try out soon...

Photowalking Utah, Gardner Village


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Texture challenge...

So this month, Carin's challenge was to find and apply texture to a 
photo.  I chose this one, not because I thought it would make it into 
an amazing photo, but because I wanted to see the before and after.  
I love this image of my daughter and so I applied the texture to it.  I 
added two textures, added noise, and this is what it became.  I noticed 
that it really changed the dof and I'm not so sure I like that, but it was
fun to play with and learn how to do.  Thanks Carin!  I'm sure this 
won't be the last of my texture-ing.  

Monday, October 6, 2008

Just tall enough...

We took the kids over to Gardner Village Sunday night after Conference and 
dinner to see the ducks.  The ducks there are SO OVER FED!  We brought bread
and they didn't even want any!  We walked around and looked at the witches
and the pumpkins.  It's always decorated so cute for Halloween.  The kids had
a great time.  It's always so quiet and peaceful there on Sunday evenings.  There's 
never anyone there since it's closed and to walk down the path of the little closed
shops is nice.  Little Brookey was having a blast of a time walking around knowing 
we wouldn't chase after her much without anyone around.  She felt free.  This is
one of the pictures I captured of her exploring.  

A beautiful day at Gardner Village


Friday, October 3, 2008

another lesson learned...

Yeah, I figured it all out!  SIZES of pictures so that I can post them larger than
what blogspot allows but smaller than the HUGE ones I just posted.  I'm 


Thursday, October 2, 2008